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New Travel & Health Update

Our state is opening up again and we couldn't be more excited to host your stay. We throoughly clean between guests and during visits, so this is nothing new to us and our approach post pendemic. We also sanitize with UV light after each room has been utilized. You'll find our cleanliness--while effective--to be pleasant and not leave behind noxious fumes or harmful chemicals or residue.  

uarantine is no longer required. Instead, unvaccinated visitors will need to obtain a negative COVID-19 test result within three days prior to arrival in state. The certificate of compliance for lodging establishments is still required until travel restrictions are fully lifted, currently scheduled for June 1st.

Please feel free to call us direcctly if you have additional questions or concerns.

      If pure relaxtion is what you're looking for, schedule a massage, infrared sauna session, or simply relax on our sun deck, in the gardens, the living room or media room, or one of our four covered porches. (Call ahead for massages.)

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