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Health & Safety

At Back Inn Time we are very concerned for the health and safety of our guests, as well as our own community. We always utilize strict sanitization procedures, even more so than a typical hotel. With the current virus and 24/7 media cycle, we are concerned that our nation is suffering as much or more from panic and anxiety as the actual virus. Of course, being health freaks, and having overcome much more aggressive illnesses ourselves, we are not taking the situation lightly.

Rest assured that since we have been in our winter closure, there is no virus present at the inn. When we reopen for the season in a couple of weeks, we will be as per usual, deep cleaning and prepping for a busy season. So far, we have had no guests reschedule their reservations due to the virus, but we thought that we should lay out our policy in the event some guests desire to make changes.

Our typical policy imposes a re-booking fee when there is a cancellation and, depending on the timing of the cancellation and/or the length of time and number of rooms reserved, even a deposit loss or full charges imposed. Bed & Breakfasts have much stricter policies than a typical hotel simply because they are smaller, more intimate, and offer a higher quality of stay. Having only a small number of rooms and suites yet still having to compete with much larger hotels in today's market, we are not in a position to bear the brunt of panic or anxiety where there are no indications that the virus is present in our area. Most of our guests arrive by car and travel by car from within a six-to-eight-hour radius. Therefore, we will be happy to reschedule your reservation for a date in the future without a re-booking fee. We will simply roll your deposit forward to the next desirable date for your travel—no matter how far in the future you may desire to travel. We appreciate your understanding of the importance of small businesses to the integrity and foundation of our nation, and of course, your loyal support. We support your desire to maintain your health, and we strive to do the same.

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